Hope That Never Disappoints (Trinity Sunday 2019)


Ever hoped for something and been disappointed? Paul in his letter to the Romans reminds us that God's love is poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Neil returns from his holiday to tell us that when when our hope is in that, we will never be disappointed! 

Scripture: Romans 5:1-5


The Prodigal Prophet: 4. God’s Word in God’s World (Rev Fred Harrison)


Due to our Minister, Neil, being on annual leave our Assistant Minister Fred concludes our sermon series, The Prodigal Prophet, this week in Belhaven. 

Scripture: Jonah 4


The Prodigal Prophet: 3. The Mystery of Mercy


This week in Belhaven we continue our sermon series, The Prodigal Prophet, by exploring the mystery of God's mercy and how it doesn't always seem to chime with us!

Scripture: Jonah 3


The Prodigal Prophet: 2. Running From Grace


Are you in place where you don't quite know what or how to accept this amazing free gift that is given to us? This week in Belhaven, we continue our sermon series, The Prodigal Prophet, and explore God's grace.

Scripture: Jonah 2:1-10


The Prodigal Prophet: 1. Running From God


We begin a new sermon series in Belhaven this week called the Prodigal Prophet; following the story of Jonah and exploring the idea of not being able to outrun God!

Scripture: Jonah 1


Praying the Jesus Way: 5. Lead us… not into temptations


Isn't it weird how we seem to be tempted by things that aren't always the best for us?! This Sunday Neil closes our sermon series, 'Praying The Jesus Way', exploring how we can get help in being tempted by things that will give us life!

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13


Praying the Jesus Way: 4. Forgive Us As We Forgive Others


Find it easy to forgive people? Then this sermon might not be for you! However, if you are like most of us and really struggle to forgive at times then listen on to find out about the freedom that exists when you truly forgive others.

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13


The Triumphal Entry (Rev Fred Harrison, Palm Sunday 2019)


This week in Belhaven take a short break from our sermon series to focus on the run up to Easter and Palm Sunday. Our Assistant Minister, Fred, shows us that Jesus loves us as we are… even if we are a bit wonky!

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11


Praying the Jesus Way: 3. Our Daily Bread


Struggling to see blessings in amongst the chaos that can be life?! Jesus reminds us in this line of the prayer to give thanks to God for all the good things in our lives. This week, Neil unpacks how to be thankful for our daily provisions!

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13


Praying the Jesus Way: 2. Your Kingdom Come


We may well have said the Lord's Prayer hundreds of times but never really stopped to reflect on the words contained in it or the fact that it is a perfect model for how we can speak to God.

This week, Neil continues our sermon series that unpacks 'Praying the Jesus Way' by looking at what it means for the kingdom to come and how we have a role to play in that.

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13


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